Sunday Lunch

Singles Sunday Lunch (No 2) – November meeting

On Sunday, 6th November, despite the best efforts of the roadworks on Northampton Road, eleven members of Group 2 in the Singles Sunday Lunch Groups, managed to meet together at Market Harborough Golf Club.  Just as the last of our group arrived, the heavens opened, but we were happy and cosy at our table.  Some […]

Quilty Pleasures At Duxford

At the end of October some of us at Quilty Pleasures joined forces with our friends in Quilty Secrets (O&WU3A) and had a lovely day out to the last quilt show of 2016 at Duxford.  We always look forward to the Duxford shows, its not too far to travel, its not a big show but […]


You’ve heard of extreme skiing, and even extreme ironing perhaps.  Now a German man is trying to popularise a new challenge – extreme unicycling.  ‘I realised it would be possible, but very difficult’, said Lutz Eichholz, but he and some friends went up the Zugspitze and came down on unicycles.  However, it is not all […]

SLU3A Invades Murcia!

At 7.05 in the morning our flight left Birmingham airport, and on board were fifteen intrepid SLU3A members determined to become Conquistadors and practice the Spanish they had been studying for little more than a year.  On arrival, they were met by Joaquín Verdu who accompanied them to their hotel.  After settling in, they were […]

Ukulele – November meetings

We have recently adopted the idea of ‘themes’ for our sessions, and after one devoted to the Beatles songs, we had a session with a Travel theme (eg Travellin’ Light) and then one of Irish songs (eg Danny Boy).  And it seems that our fame(?) is spreading.  As a ukulele band, we have been approached […]

Group Co-ordinators’ report – November

Many thanks to our interest group representatives for exhibiting a wide range of activities at last month’s Open Morning.  Members wishing to learn French, Italian or Spanish; to Sing For Fun; to Draw or Paint For Pleasure; to Discover Poetry; to read Shakespeare or more modern plays; to learn about Aspects of History, etc, can […]

Papercraft and More

The group has had a fun month making things for Christmas, which are still ongoing, plus we had an outing!  We heard on the grapevine that Coleman’s, the stationers and craft items shops, have had major refurbishment work done at their warehouse in Rushden, so of course, we had to go along and see it. […]

Walking (Half Day – Thursday) – November meeting

Our next walk is on Thursday, 17th November, starting at 10am.  It will be from Draughton Crossing car park, on the Brampton Valley Way.  From Market Harborough follow the A508 south to Maidwell.  Turn left in the village (sign says ‘Primary School’) and the BVW is about three-quarters of a mile further on.  The walk […]

Singles Sunday Lunch (No 1) – October meeting

On Sunday, 23rd October eleven members of Group 1 in the Singles Sunday Lunch Groups met at Market Harborough Golf Club.  It was lovely to be back there (on two round tables) with plenty of room around us and a perfect sunny view from the windows.  The meal was, as always, excellent and the conversations […]