Wine Tasting – September meeting

The date of our September meeting has been brought forward a week from the 21st to the 14th – usual time and place.  In addition to tasting a selection of Chilean white wine chosen by Jon, we will be discussing the programme for 2018 and the future of the group.  On October 26th we return […]


September is a month when we see lots of spiders.  At the Medical University in Hannover tests have been carried out on the use of spiders’ silk as a way to repair damaged nerves too big to respond to usual treatment.  The web of the golden orb spider is more tear-resistant than nylon and has […]

The Treasury Team – September ramblings

Year 2018 U3A Slimline diaries selling at £2-50 each are now waiting for members who cannot contemplate a diary-less New Year.  If you would like to make a reservation or a purchase, please contact Margaret or David or see us at the Membership Desk at General Meetings.  As we have said before keep an eye […]

Bridge (Tuesday pm)

We are a friendly group who play mainly rubber bridge to a good standard, and if you would  like to join us we meet every Tuesday from 2-4pm in the Langton Room.  No partner necessary.  Don Collins & Anne Mitchell.

Drawing and Painting for Pleasure

The recent outdoor painting day went well with some good paintings to show for it.  It was nice to be outside for a change, but are now back indoors working on our own projects.  Occasionally we will ring the changes with a class project… maybe a still life, or someone will bring something interesting, hopefully […]

Bird Watching – August meeting

August’s trip to Clifton Hill Gravel Pits (or Northampton Washlands if you prefer) turned into a bit of a fiasco!!  Meeting in the usual place at the car park by the side of the Holiday Inn, we then proceeded up onto the bank to be met by a ‘Footpath Closed’ sign.  Seemed like the Environment […]

Railway Exploration – September meeting

Our last meeting comprised a most enjoyable visit on a fine summer’s day to the privately-owned former railway station at Theddingworth.  In September we shall meet as usual at the Bowling Club, Kettering Road, Market Harborough (3rd Wednesday of the month – September 20th 10:30 am) for our usual discussions over coffee followed by presentations. […]

Book Club

‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte. Some of us had already read this classic novel in the distant past and we were all surprised at the forceful portrayal of the characters in this work.  Many of us remember watching film productions of Wuthering Heights, but they tended to portray the Heathcliff – Cathy relationship as a passionate […]

Science and Technology – September meeting

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday, 27th of September, when Peter Ellement will be presenting a talk entitled ‘The Science and Practice of Dyeing Protein Fibres, e.g. Leather & Wool’.  New members are always welcome.  Michael Milsom.