HARROGATE SPRING FLOWER SHOW ON SUNDAY 29TH APRIL 2018. Please join us on our first outing! Rated Britain’s “ top gardening event” by WHICH. The first big event in the gardening calendar, welcoming the new growing season with a Spectacular Celebration of the very best in Horticulture.With Show Gardens, Floral Art, Garden Eqipment, Plants, Crafts […]

Relaxation for Life – February

The dates for February are the 13th and the 27th, we meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 10-12MD. New members are always welcome. It is a meditation group and we practice different methods such as Mindfulness, Visualisation and breathing techniques. I am always looking at new ways of expanding our […]

Wine Tasting – February

Our January meeting was the first with the new year’s theme of “favourite wines” – exploring styles of wines made in Western Europe. It was also our debut as group leaders, along with a change of venue. The group enjoyed a selection of premium wines from the Beaujolais region of France – a Beaujolais Villages […]

Art History – February

We continue our studies by looking at the art of the ‘Romantic’ painters. At our meeting on 5th March we will watch a DVD about the life and work of John Constable, one of the best known of the English Landscape artists.  This will be followed by a discussion and contributions from the group. John […]

Drawing and Painting – February

We got off to a flying start in the first January meeting, in our new venue, the Ashley Room.  Group members found the room warm, bright and inviting, and most of us settled to develop new projects.  We are a mixed ability group who work principally in watercolours, acrylics and pastels, and meet on the […]

Walking (Strollers) – February

Thank you, Glenys and Ted for a very enjoyable walk, lots of solid track on a very muddy January day, well done. On Friday, 9th March 2018 we are meeting at the Wheel & Compass in Weston by Welland  (LE16 8HZ  01858 565864 ) at 10.15 to order lunch and stroll at 10.30 . The […]

Book Club 1 – February

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier It was refreshing to reread this classic novel.    Those of us who had read this book in their salad days felt they now had clearer insight into du Maurier’s novel, and we all agreed that the ‘Rebecca’ films were not a patch on the book.  We loved the leisurely and […]

German – February

Some of us may have been feeling rather low on energy recently. How’s this for an answer! Some mammals who don’t hibernate have a strange ability to shrink their brains as winter approaches to save energy and survive tougher conditions. Their brains return to normal in Summer. However, according to [yet another] expert at the […]

Society Today – February

The quality of our public services Generally a gloomy survey: much dissatisfaction over the performance in most of them. The NHS: not enough staff or hospital provision despite their efforts. Growing needs and demands. Rising costs of drugs, equipment etc. Police: growing demands in fraud prevention, street crime reduction and local surveillance work. Child care: a mixture of approval […]

Discovering Poetry (Friday) – February

Having examined Insects (well creepy crawlies of all kinds, never mind the correct biological term) in February, we have chosen a rather unoriginal but very apt theme for March, with ‘Spring’. We meet on the first Friday of the month upstairs in the Congregational Church at 10am. New members would be made very welcome.