Wine Tasting


We have an annual programme with a theme and this year it is wines of the northern Mediterranean.  Usually we taste four wines and we take it in turn to obtain these and talk about them.  We also have a food and wine evening in both June and December.  The cost of the wine is covered by an annual subscription (currently £40) and is refunded to the purchaser.  Members take it in turns to drive.

We are a group of enthusiasts rather than connoisseurs, and whilst we take our tastings seriously we try to enjoy ourselves.  No expertise is required to join just a wish to learn more about wine.

Where and when

We meet at 8pm on the second or third Thursday of the month in Slawston.

Other information

Unfortunately the group is full at present but we do have vacancies from time to time, so if you are interested please contact me on the number below.

Contact details

Michael Switzer 01858 555268


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Wine Tasting – June meeting

For once the weather was kind to us for our food and wine evening, and we were able to taste three different bottles of fizz outside before we sat down to delicious food, and three bottles of red and three of white.  As you can imagine it was an extremely jolly occasion.  Surprisingly, everybody did […]

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Wine Tasting – May meeting

Pat brought four delicious Australian whites to our May meeting, to show that not all Aussie white wine is vanilla-tasting chardonnay with oak chippings added.  Indeed the one Chardonnay which she brought would have matched a decent French Burgundy.  However the group gave the highest score to a bottle of Clare Valley Riesling bought from […]

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Wine Tasting – April & May meetings

We have now started to taste summer wines, and Sylvia brought along four delicious South African whites.  My favourite was an unusual Gruner Veltliner (Majestic – £10) from Durban.  This wine is commonly grown in Austria and this is the first version which we have tasted that was not grown there.  Pat is bringing a […]

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Wine Tasting – March meeting

Naomi and Jon brought four very different New World Merlots to our March meeting, which illustrated just how wine made from the same grape can vary in flavour and texture.  The highest rating was given to a Californian Merlot called Dark Horse from Sainsburys (£8).  All being well our next meeting will be held at […]

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Wine Tasting – February meeting

Shaun brought four interesting New World Pinot Noirs to our February meeting.  The two most highly rated came from Australia and New Zealand and were both obtained from the large Tesco in Corby.  However the New Zealand Brancott Estate (£7) is readily available on offer from time to time in most supermarkets and Majestic.  The […]

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Wine Tasting – January meeting

Some lovely Californian reds brought some welcome warmth to our January meeting.  Mick chose two Merlots and two Zinfandels from the Wine Society’s list, and all were well received.  Zinfandel (Primitivo in Italy) produces some lovely red wines which are not always appreciated in this country, and the Shenandoah (£10.50) from Amador county was given […]

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Wine Tasting – December & January meetings

We ended our year of meetings with our usual food and wine evening, at which we tasted nine different wines from the area around the north Mediterranean coast.  These ranged from a near-black Pinot Noir to a pale rose from Provence.  Once again members brought a delicious selection of food including the largest and meatiest […]

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The Joys of Wine

One of the joys of retirement is being able to enjoy a nice glass of wine with my meal without having to worry about driving home or the need to keep a clear head.  In the UK we are fortunate in being able to choose wines from all over Europe and the New World and […]

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Wine Tasting – November meeting

We have completed this year’s wine tasting tour of the north Mediterranean coast with a selection of wines from Sicily and the foot of Italy.  These included a delicious Ca Vittoria Appassimento, obtained from Bakers and Larners in Holt for £9.99 – worth twice the price!  If you are ever in this part of Norfolk […]

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Wine Tasting – October meeting

Helen and Angie brought a selection of delicious Italian wines to our October meeting.  All were obtained from Majestic and included an Orvieto (Vignes Motaro), which was rated very highly by the whole group. Our next meeting is on 10th November when John will bring wines from Southern Italy and Sicily.  We will also agree […]