The Ukulele Group is a really friendly group, which meets up to have fun.  We achieve this by playing our ukuleles and singing along for all we are worth.  It doesn’t matter one bit how well we play or sing, we just love having a go.

Ours is not a ‘taught’ session as we do not have a tutor, but we do try to help each other, and especially any beginners, with advice and tips about playing the ukulele.

We play all types of songs including pop, folk, pre-war ballads, country, music hall, gospel, rock ‘n’ roll and even some blues.  We just enjoy it all!

If you think you might like to try ukulele, you’ll be welcome to join us.  A spare ukulele is available.  Just get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

Where and when

We meet at 2pm on alternate Tuesdays in the Methodist Church.

Other information

All are welcome, so please do get in touch for more information.

Contact details

David Evans 01858 463045



Ukulele – June meetings

We’ve played through a number of different song styles recently, including some Pop songs, some Gospel and some Rock ‘n’ Roll.  We’ve even had a go at Elton John’s ‘Crocodile Rock’, would you believe.  Additionally, as ‘Strictly Ukuleles’, we performed two concerts in June, so we’ve been busy. Have Uke, be happy!!  David Evans.


Ukulele – May meeting

We celebrated Eurovision in May by playing some contenders from years gone by including ‘Puppet On A String’ and ‘Congratulations’, (incidentally, both written by Coulter and Martin).  We are now, as ‘Strictly Ukuleles’, also quite heavily committed to giving concerts for local organisations and care homes, with two more scheduled for June.  Also in May, […]


Ukulele – April meeting

Music Halls, featuring Music Hall songs and performers, such as Florrie Forde and Marie Lloyd, grew in popularity from the late 1880s, and were very popular in the first quarter of the 20th Century.  After 1945, the songs themselves continued to live on in pub piano singalongs.  We reviewed the old Music Hall songs, such […]


Ukulele – March meeting

In March, we had fun playing and singing songs with the theme of ‘Numbers’, eg: Two Little Boys, Three Little Birds, Eight Days a Week, 500 Miles, etc.  Some of us (Strictly Ukuleles) have performed three concerts this month to local audiences, and they all want to re-book us!  We enjoy performing, but enjoy even […]


Ukulele – February meeting

In February, we had fun playing and singing songs from within the theme of ‘Colours’, eg: Blue Moon, Paint It Black, Yellow Rose of Texas, Red River Valley, Hi Ho Silver Lining.  Some of us (Strictly Ukuleles) also delighted audiences with performances in two local care homes.  If you would like to join us, do […]

Ukulele group Dec2015

Play the Ukulele!

The Ukulele Group is a really friendly group, which meets up to have fun by playing our ukuleles and singing along for all we are worth.  It doesn’t matter one bit how well we play or sing, we just enjoy having a go. The group first met in August 2014 with three attendees, two of […]



We are an enthusiastic – and growing – group of members, from beginners upwards, who come together to sing and play our ukuleles, for the enjoyment of us all.  Interested?  Call me.  We are now recovered from our run of concerts in December and, as from January, are back in our old routine.  This consists […]


Ukulele – January meeting

We have been busy with concerts recently, including a contribution at our own U3A’s Christmas event, and so are now taking a break, finding more songs to play, and meeting up again on 24th January, and fortnightly thereafter.  David Evans.


Ukulele – November & December meetings

Last month, we strummed and sang our way through some Country songs (‘Country’ songs are typified by cracking good tunes and sad lyrics).  We also stepped up to the mark, and Strictly Ukuleles – our performing cohort – gave two public performances, which were enthusiastically received.  Yes, we’ve been asked back!  Thanks due to Hugh, […]


Ukulele – November meetings

We have recently adopted the idea of ‘themes’ for our sessions, and after one devoted to the Beatles songs, we had a session with a Travel theme (eg Travellin’ Light) and then one of Irish songs (eg Danny Boy).  And it seems that our fame(?) is spreading.  As a ukulele band, we have been approached […]