Society Today


Have your say about society today.  Our aims are:

a)  to be a forum for discussions of social affairs where members can contribute, listen and learn through exchanges of ideas and feelings about important social questions arising in our national life.

b)  to give encouragement in a world of constant media sensationalism to those of our age who feel they are overwhelmed by that trend and want to share their real views which matter very much to them (and all of us).  Our members think in advance about each topic, then come and enjoy the participation of us all, feeling stimulated to think afresh, a most important point.

The procedure is for one or two members to prepare and give a short introduction to the topic of the day.  At some meetings we have outside speakers who present expert overviews for half an hour or so, then we all join in.  In the past our speakers have included a Farmers' Union leader, university lecturers, NHS leaders and others.

We avoid party-politics and religious-faith discussions.

Topics we have discussed over the last few years include:

  • the future of the British monarchy
  • equality for women
  • the future of the NHS
  • the relationships between the generations and the problems and anxieties that may arise
  • the changes in family life
  • the influence and power of the media
  • are we surrendering too much privacy in the name of security?
  • the sustainability of our planet
  • the state of our prisons

and many more.

Where and when

We meet in the afternoon of the second Thursday of the month at 2pm in St Nicholas Church, Little Bowden.

Other information

New members are welcome.

Contact details

Tom Gilmore 01604 743676


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Society Today – April meeting

We were fortunate to have an outside contributor on the worrying subject of the state of our prisons.  Dr Michelle Jolley of the Criminology Department of the University of Northampton.  Michelle gave us a very thorough and competent survey of the important features of our prisons: highest number of prisoners for years, lack of sensible […]

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Society Today – March meeting

The State of Education Today.  With our education system under extreme pressure to deliver despite significant budget cuts, Jill North led this group’s analysis of all levels of learning in England.  She noted that courses were being cut, and even some subjects dropped, to try to balance the books and pressures were even affecting parents.  Some felt exam stress […]

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Society Today – February meeting

Global warming is the most threatening trend humanity is now facing.  Chris Brown, a member of our group, took us through a very informative and clear analysis of this, calmly drawing our attention to the disasters to come as well as the interlinked aspects and dreadful outcomes of the many, if small, increases in temperature. […]

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Society Today – January meeting

All members contributed at this month’s meeting, making very good points about this worrying topic:  ‘The Deterioration of Family Life’.  Marriage breakups are quite frequent; non-married couples often split which consequently may have harmful effects on individuals, and loneliness and anxieties which easily lead to brief liaisons.  Children suffer greatly having little support, getting little […]

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Society Today – November meeting

Homelessness. Gillian Brown tackled this complex topic which she presented very clearly, firstly by defining what a homeless person is, i.e as one who has no definite abode and is very dependent on official help.  Such persons have a very poor quality of life and many are ex-convicts who live in a world of loneliness […]

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Society Today – October meeting

At the October meeting the subject ‘Money is ruining sport but there is a good side too’ was fully explored: the relentless drive to be top team in football, or champion in some other sports creates competition to buy the best players and prompts the sponsors or owners to pour money in to encourage this […]

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Society Today – September meeting

Most of our members, conscious of the importance of the topic: ‘Brexit’, were present and very involved, giving their views and asking many questions on Brexit, the UK preparing to leave the European Union. Our speaker was Mike Goldsmith, a very experienced and practical, clear sighted expert on international politics.  He was so good: in […]

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Society Today – August meeting

In August we tackled the immense problem of the pollution of our oceans by waste plastic materials dumped there in huge quantities and by most countries – especially in South East Asia.  A major feature is that waste is carried by sea-currents around the oceans and the quantities are immense: packs hundreds of kilometres long […]

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Society Today – August meeting

This session tackled an immense problem of our time, nearly as worrying as climate change.  The problem is the pollution of the oceans mainly by plastic waste and Val Murton presented the topic very clearly and carefully.  Certain Asian countries seemed to be the main offenders but all countries seem to indulge in dumping, except […]

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Society Today – Forthcoming meetings

On Thursday, August 11th, our topic is:  Should we be more proactive about banning the dumping of our rubbish into the oceans?  How can we do this?  How should the world deal with its rubbish?  Introduced by Val Murton. On Thursday, September 8th, our topic features Mike Goldsmith, Emeritus Professor of Politics, who will explain to us […]