Singing for Fun


A warm welcome awaits you in the Coffee Lounge of the centrally-located Methodist Church of an afternoon (on the 2nd and 4th Fridays) if you enjoy singing.  But we are not a choir with its discipline, its formality, its commitments re concerts, its voice tests or need to read music.  None of that.  We sing any and all kinds of songs just because it's fun to be with like-minded folk doing the same in a friendly convivial atmosphere.  Participation in choosing the programme is encouraged, as is any solo party-piece anyone brave wants to perform, and we like members to request their own personal favourites.  Musical accompaniment is expertly provided by our pianist, Judith, and it is a joy to sing along to her playing.  Otherwise we use CDs, vinyl records, cassette tapes - your own if you like.  Although a popular and still growing activity we can still welcome any newcomers so do please contact me if you would like any more information.

Where and when

We meet at 2pm on the second and fourth Friday of the month in the Coffee Room of the Methodist Church.

Other information

Please telephone for more details.

Contact details

Robert Cook 01858 469337


Singing for Fun – July meeting

Judith was away this afternoon on her holidays, so we did our singing both unaccompanied and with the help of recorded music (vinyl records and CDs).  The presentation (apart from those songs chosen by Robert) was in the hands of George, who led the singing (unaccompanied) of three of his favourites and Ann, who used […]

Singing for Fun – July meeting

We welcomed new member Irene Millard to the group.  Robert led the singing of ‘The Quartermaster’s Stores’, in which he had made up silly rhymes using the names of some 8 or 9 members present.  Judith however had opened the afternoon’s entertainment with a better rendition of the comic Cockney song ‘When Father Papered The […]

Singing for Fun – June meetings

It’s not easy to find much new to say about our meetings.  They’re all so enjoyable.  At our first meeting of the month, Judith as always acted as vocal coach at the outset to get us singing properly (!) with exercises in body positioning demonstrating how our mouths, in different ‘attitudes’, can produce differences of […]

Singing for Fun – May meeting

Yet another song and fun-filled afternoon on Friday, 26th May, with a good attendance of seventeen songsters, one of whom, Jim, is a new member.  As has now become normal practice, Judith got the show on the road with tuition in posture and practice in how to get the best out of our voices.  These […]

Singing for Fun – May meeting

Friday 12th May.  Nothing much to say really.  It was just the usual great fun.  Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves, including two new members who said they would be coming again.  So can’t be bad!  Robert Cook 01858 469337.

Singing for Fun – April meeting

After Judith gave us more instruction – and inspiration (literally!) – on how to make the most of our voices, Robert had some rather distressing news to impart regarding the personal lives of two of our oldest members.  However, the spirits of our enthusiastic fellow singers refused to be dampened and we quickly gave voice […]

Singing for Fun – March meeting

As we’ve now grown to expect, another grand afternoon’s singing with a lovely crowd of eighteen songsters, two of whom were newcomers on a ‘tasting’ visit.  Judith got the show on the road with some voice projection and posture exercises and alternated with me in introducing (and playing) a wide variety of different genres of […]

Singing for Fun – March meeting

A lovely afternoon, as usual, with a few minor catastrophes – as are almost bound to happen in a real live show – especially one that is unrehearsed. We tried out our new formula and it seemed to work.  But we are big enough to accept any criticism.  George sang a solo of Begin The […]

Singing for Fun

As a relatively young group we’re still experimenting with finding the right kind of approach to our activity, and after last Friday’s very successful and joyous afternoon’s singing, a small group of our founding members, together with our new, accomplished pianist Judith, met to discuss our way forward.  Following feedback the decision was reached to […]

Singing for Fun

Hello fellow singers: We managed very well on Friday despite Judith’s absence abroad (in Wales) when George manfully led us in unaccompanied singing through a couple of dozen songs that he had prepared.  I steered us through the second half of the session using music from vinyl records and cassette tapes.  Judith will be back […]