Play Reading (Modern)


Where and when

We meet at 2pm on the third Tuesday of the month in the Bowden Room.

Other information

New members are very welcome so if you would like to join us please contact me.

Contact details

David Ginns 01536 505773


Play Reading (Modern) – December

For our final meeting of the year (Tuesday 19th December) we‘ll be reading a short play and then getting into festive mood with sausage rolls, mince pies etc – particularly if we all remember to bring something!  Please note that until further notice our meetings will be held in the lounge instead of the usual venue.

Play Reading (Modern) – November meeting

Terence Rattigan wrote ‘Separate Tables‘ in 1954, but more than sixty years later these two one-act plays still hit the mark.  From between the lines of their wittily observed exchanges, the guests at a small residential hotel betray their fundamental loneliness.  Join us if you can for the second play, ‘Table Number Seven’, on Tuesday […]

Play Reading (Modern) – October meeting

In October we’ll be completing Somerset Maugham’s farce ‘Home and Beauty’, featuring the delectable yet insufferable Victoria who, as a result of a War Office error, has ended up married to two men at once, each of them more than willing to make way for the other!  We’ll also start a new play, title as […]

Play Reading (Modern) – August & September meetings

In August, reading Somerset Maugham’s ‘For Services Rendered’, we witnessed the disintegration of the comfortable certainties of a family’s existence in the wake of the First World War and the Depression.  Sorely in need of something to cheer us up this month, we’ll be giving Maugham another chance, this time in a farce – set […]

Play Reading (Modern) – July & August meetings

Last month we finished reading a superb play by Agatha Christie ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ featuring a murder trial at the Old Bailey.  This trial had many twists and turns, keeping us guessing what the verdict was likely to be and it was not until the last page that we read the dramatic end that […]

Play Reading (Modern) – July meeting

At our next meeting we’ll be back at the Old Bailey, following a murder trial which is turning out to be anything but an open-and-shut case.  Agatha Christie’s ‘Witness for the Prosecution’ continues on July 18th – still a few seats available in Courtroom No 1!  David Ginns.

Play Reading (Modern) – June meeting

Agatha Christie’s ‘Witness for the Prosecution’, her own adaptation of a short story written early in her career, will have you guessing till the very end.  Test audiences for a TV version in 1957 had to sign a pledge, promising not to tell!  Join us in the Bowden Room on Tuesday, June 20th, for this […]

Play Reading (Modern) – April meeting

It’s ‘Buy one, get one free’ this month!  For a start we’ll be completing the final act of Dial M for Murder, with all its skullduggery.  Frederick Knott’s play was the inspiration for the 1954 Hitchcock film, for which Knott also wrote the screenplay.  But then we’ll still have time to fit in another final […]

Play Reading (Modern) – February meeting

Greg, besotted with the delectable Ginny, has made the journey to leafy Bucks to ask her parents’ blessing.  But the chap he takes to be Ginny’s father is actually her (married) former lover – who contrives to get the impression that this pleasant young man is in fact asking to marry Sheila, his wife!  Somehow, […]