Photography (Digital)


We aim to provide a varied programme to appeal to photographers old and new - experienced or less so.

Where and when

We meet in the afternoon of the third Friday of the month at St Nicholas Church, Little Bowden.

Contact details

Chris Mosley 01536 771258


Photography (Digital)

Recently three new members have joined us who are very welcome but, consequently, we have expanded to the extent that further growth in membership is no longer viable (room size and allocation of time).  There will be a waiting list (if demand requires) – people do come and go!  We have set our limit at […]

Photography (Digital) – August & September meetings

The subjects for members’ photographs (maximum of 12) at the forthcoming meetings are: August 18th:  While I Was Away (photos from recent days out or holidays) September 15th:  The Best of Our Bunch (fuller details next month) We meet on the third Friday of the month at 2pm and new members are very welcome.  Chris […]

Photography (Digital)

We meet on the third Friday of the month at 2pm and new members are very welcome.  The subjects for presentation at the forthcoming meetings are: June (16th):  Red (subjects with a strong ‘red’ influence) July (21st):  Gardens (not mostly individual flowers) August (18th):  While I was away (photos from recent days out or holidays) […]

Photography (Digital) – April meeting

Our numbers are such that we are bulging a bit in the Little Bowden Church room but not yet discouraging new members.  The April challenge was ‘Street Furniture’ of which we saw street furniture from across the world.  For the next topic I am urging members to offer photographs taken contemporarily, the choice of subject […]

Photography (Digital) – March meeting

We were pleased to welcome two new members in March.  We saw interesting photographs by members of old technology.  March also brought our joint meeting with MHU3A photography group for a talk on our cameras from which we all benefited.  The challenge for the coming months is to produce a dozen (maximum) photos on the […]

Photography (Digital)

Spring is round the corner, cameras at the ready?  Although our ranks are filling, new members remain very welcome.  As a member you are invited to take a dozen photos on the month’s set subject.  The programme is: March (17th): Old technology (or museum). April (21st): Street furniture. May (19th): A town/village/street of choice. We […]

Photography (Digital) – January meeting

The topic for our January meeting was Decoration – how appropriate around Christmas – but it proved a tricky subject and limiting.  No such problem for February when the subject is entirely at the author’s choice but with strict ‘rules’…yes ‘rules’!! ‘Twelve in a Row’ (17th February) is about taking very carefully considered subjects, as […]

Photography (Digital)

December found us in The Crown at Tur Langton for traditional Christmas fare and very good it was too!  Our routine recommences in January with more enjoyable challenges.  The topics for January – April 2017 are: Seasonal Décor (20th January), Twelve in a Row (17th February), Old Technology (17th March) and Street Furniture (21st April). […]

Photography (Digital) – November meeting

‘Mist/Fog’ was a challenge this month that inspired some great photography.  We now have a rest until the New Year.  The topics for the January – April 2017 sessions are: Seasonal Décor (20th), Twelve in a Row (17th), Old Technology (17th) and Street Furniture (21st).  The group welcomes new members and strives to provide a […]

Photography (Digital) – October meeting

The topic ‘Close ups/Macro’ was a challenge, a challenge to which the members rose splendidly; it also caused instructive discussion. On November 18th the topic will be ‘Mist/Fog’ – a number of mornings recently have offered a good opportunity to those who rise early!  No doubt there’ll be more. The December meeting is ‘Christmas lunch’ […]