Listening to Jazz


Whilst you will hear jazz greats Louis, the Duke, Miles and Coltrane, as well as dear old Humph from time to time, the friendly Listening to Jazz group spreads its wings rather further.  Drawing on a record collection of some 3000 cds, vinyl and (occasional) tapes, our monthly sessions cover everything from the first recordings by the Original Dixie Jazz Band to the latest sounds from whoever takes our fancy!

Where and when

We meet on the last Tuesday of the month.

Other information

The group is currently full but please contact me if you would like to go on the waiting list.

Contact details

Mike Goldsmith 01536 770122


Mike’s Monthly Musings – February

Always thinking about what to play at the next Listening to Jazz session, realising that I must be careful not to repeat a disc I had played in recent months whilst still wanting to provide a varied programme for the fifteen or sixteen souls who crowd into our front room every month, I found myself […]

Mike’s Monthly Musings – December

Gigs are so important… Live music gigs are so important, whether they be for classical, pop, or jazz. They are particularly important for the latter, since it is in this context that one hears musicians both at their best and worst, especially in terms of the improvisational element central to the music. This view was […]

Mike’s Monthly Musings – November

Jazz Duets and Test Pieces: Apart from my love of jazz, I also have another weakness: crime novels.  Reading Michael Connelly’s recent book, I was amused and surprised to come across a reference to a recent jazz issue by tenor sax player Houston Person and bassist Ron Carter.  The disc is called Chemistry and involves […]

Mike’s Monthly Musings – October

Jazz Duos Having managed to miss a couple of months, I realised that I really ought to start writing a piece again and chose to consider duos in jazz.  It’s brought about by listening to a recent recording by tenor sax player Houston Person and bassist Ron Carter, working their way through a series of […]

Mike’s Monthly Musings – July

Hot, Cool, Swinging…. As I write this, I’m sitting in air conditioned apartment in Colmar in Alsace with an outside temperature in excess of 37C and listening to the ex-Basie trumpeter Harry Edison swinging his way through a typical Basie-like tune, with Edison quoting nursey rhymes and joined by another ex-Basie musician, tenor saxist Lockjaw […]

Mike’s Monthly Musings – May

Favourites? Listening to Rob de Bord Barker’s presentation on Gerry Mulligan reminds me that we all have our favourite composers, musicians, singers etc, be they from the classical world, rock and roll, the pop scene, or in my case jazz and blues.  If I look at my record collection for a guide to what I […]

Mike’s Monthly Musings – April

Just Jazz? People always say that one of the advantages of retirement is that we have all the time we need to do the things we have always wanted to do but never had the time to do so!  The first things retired people tell us is that they have never been so busy…. something […]

Mike’s Monthly Musings – March

In the Listening to Jazz group recently, individual members have been asked to choose several examples of work by one of their favourite musicians.  After a session by myself on tenor saxist Stan Getz, we have heard something of the work of Dave Brubeck and more recently, the pianist Brad Meldhau.  The general feeling amongst […]

Mike’s Monthly Musings – January

Jazz Critics/Reviewers How do we choose the records that we buy, especially in terms of new releases?  Well of course we can sample the sounds over the internet, or from the radio, iTunes or Spotify, though often the samples are of limited duration.  But they may be enough to wet our appetite and allow us […]

Mike’s Monthly Musings – December

Swinging Christmas On the whole jazz musicians do not swing Christmas songs, finding little inspiration for improvisation from the usual collection of such songs.  I’ve been reviewing their efforts in attempting to devise a programme for the Listening to Jazz group’s December meeting and I have to say that listening to Chris Barber’s attempts to […]