German (Conversation)


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We meet in the afternoon every Friday in the Congregational Church.

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Sylvia Mountford 01858 465561


German Conversation – March

It’s almost Spring! And according to Tennyson “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”. Indeed last Spring one of our group found an engagement notice which proved that had happened to a Londoner, soberly named Edward Page.More exotic was his beloved’s name-Praxedis.His future in-laws were more complicated;Balthasar,Freiherr von Schnurbein,of […]

German – February

Some of us may have been feeling rather low on energy recently. How’s this for an answer! Some mammals who don’t hibernate have a strange ability to shrink their brains as winter approaches to save energy and survive tougher conditions. Their brains return to normal in Summer. However, according to [yet another] expert at the […]

German Conversation – January

We hope everyone had an enjoyable festive season with,a few drinks along the way. Did you struggle to carry a big round back to the table in a pub? Oliver Strumpel,a German barman has proved he can ‘hold his drink’ better than most when he set a Guiness world record by carrying 27 litre mugs […]

German Conversation

A kind stranger discovered a briefcase filled with 3,500 euros [£3,100] and 22 gold bars worth almost £27,000 under a tree outside a bank in one of the poorest districts in Berlin. He handed it in to the police and the fortunate owner was reunited with his hoard. He said he had put the case […]


The largest evacuation since World War II was carried out in Frankfurt recently after an unexploded RAF bomb was found on a building site.  Sixty-five thousand people were moved to safety during the twelve hour operation to defuse the 1.4 ton bomb nicknamed ‘Blockbuster’.  The mile-wide exclusion zone included twenty retirement homes, two hospitals, an […]


September is a month when we see lots of spiders.  At the Medical University in Hannover tests have been carried out on the use of spiders’ silk as a way to repair damaged nerves too big to respond to usual treatment.  The web of the golden orb spider is more tear-resistant than nylon and has […]


Has the summer made you feel happy?  Let’s hope so but, if not, smiling is one of the most efficient ways to cheer yourself up as well as producing numerous health benefits such as lowered blood pressure and reduced levels of stress hormones.  It is ‘evolutionarily contagious’ – when you smile people almost always smile […]


This summer has seen the hottest weather since 1976, no doubt we can all remember that.  Also certain is that we have been feeling thirsty, especially after salty food; but reaching for a glass of water may not be because the salt made us thirsty rather than the need to wash away the taste of […]


Would you like to be understood all over the world?  A tall order, but researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics recorded informal conversations and analysed the tapes for words that sounded like ‘Huh?’, discovering that all languages contain a version of it with the same meaning.  They describe it as a simple, minimal, […]


May, and it may be Spring cleaning time for some of us but just be careful what you throw out.  A colourful, but chipped, old plate which had been hanging on a kitchen wall in Somerset for years, barely getting a glance was identified as a 16th century plate depicting a design ‘The Feast of […]