Book Club


We discuss books which have been provided for free by the Library Service.

Where and when

We meet in the morning of the third Friday of the month in the Bowden Room.

Contact details

Ronnie Leech 01858 410072   email:


Book Club 1 – February

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier It was refreshing to reread this classic novel.    Those of us who had read this book in their salad days felt they now had clearer insight into du Maurier’s novel, and we all agreed that the ‘Rebecca’ films were not a patch on the book.  We loved the leisurely and […]

Book Club – December

Eucalyptus  by  Murray Ball. Holland transforms  the sun-bleached land around his home into a  dappled forest comprising hundreds of individual species of Eucalyptus trees.  He declares that only the man who can identify each tree correctly will be allowed to marry his daughter. This novel is well written  and the narrative is both mysterious and […]

Book Club – October meeting

‘Innocent’ by Scott Turow. Rusty Sabich, a lawyer, is accused of murdering his wife.  This novel got the thumbs down from everyone.  We agreed that the writing was turgid, the plot tedious and convoluted, the characters were two-dimensional, and we found difficulties in understanding the legal jargon of the American Court.  Even the ending was […]

Book Club

I Am The Messenger by Markus Zuzak (author of The Book Thief ) This is an intriguing novel involving Ed Kennedy and his three young friends who all appear to have reached a dead end.  All are low in self esteem and lack motivation.  Out of the blue, Ed receives a succession of four Ace playing […]

Book Club

‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte. Some of us had already read this classic novel in the distant past and we were all surprised at the forceful portrayal of the characters in this work.  Many of us remember watching film productions of Wuthering Heights, but they tended to portray the Heathcliff – Cathy relationship as a passionate […]

Book Club

‘Restoration’ by Rose Tremain. Robert Merivel is persuaded to become husband – in name only – to one of King Charles’ mistresses.  He falls from grace when he falls in love with his wife and forfeits both home and status.  He finds work in a Quaker Bedlam and the trials and setbacks he meets with […]

Book Club

‘Eve Green’ by Susan Fletcher After the death of her mother, seven year old Eve goes to live with her grandparents on their farm in Wales.  There she meets various local characters who impact upon her life and she upon theirs.  The big lie she tells when a child and the repercussions which arise from […]

Book Club

We obtain our books from the Library and very much appreciate the service they provide.  The range of books is eclectic while the quality is variable.  Occasionally we each buy a book recommended by one of our members.  The books, whatever their merit, always give rise to lively (never/hardly ever heated) discussion.  Here are two […]